Rainy Season

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It’s a very cold and rainy afternoon here in my place so I need someone to hug now :( hehehe. Anyway, since rainy season are heading here and winter is coming so we need to be prepare on it to prevent some illness specially fever and sneeze. Well, are you prepared to prevent some illness now? hmmp, if you ask me a same question I would say that “YES”. Me and my family are prepared about it I mean we have some instruments or things to prevent some ill like umbrellas, vitamins and raincoats.

Be prepared today and feel safe and also stay at home and become a healthy person.

Thank you everyone for being here again and god bless you.




  1. I love the rainy season because it's cold and you've got an excuse to stay inside the house, but one thing I don't like is I get sick easily. Just this month alone, I got sick twice. And I think I'm coming down with something again. *sigh*

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