My New Friend

I went to the one of the famous bar here in my place and while I was partying I met someone who have become my friend now. After the night I met him, we started to hangout together and talk anything we want especially our interest. Anyway, he loves music and I use to call him as musician’s friend of mine. He is good to me and for sure we will spend a lot more years to become a good super friends.

I hope you are having a great day with your friends! :)

Our Neighbor’s Dog

IMG_1232As what you can read in the title of this post, I just said that this dog is not mine but from our neighbor. This dog is really crazy every time I arrive he always go after me and welcome me which I really like. He is really a good dog in fact he make friends with our cats already which we know that they are enemy but in our house they are good friends as well. One day Patty (the dog) celebrates his birthday and I saw different kinds of dogs in our neighbor’s at that time as it is a dog birthday party. I was invited by the owner and I gave patty a supplements from EntirelyPets as I think he doesn’t have any supplements anymore so I give him a supplement so that he will become more strong and healthy as well.

She is Praying

I must say that my niece is a good cute girl when she pray. Look at her!


It makes me happy to see her praying and making good deeds. She is my niece and her name is Kate. I love this kid because she is so crazy, funny yet lovely. She don’t go to school yet but hopefully we can enroll her next year as well. We are training her to be a good person and child to her parents.

Anyway, I just can’t move on every time I look at this picture as she really looks very cute and good girl! :)

Copper Bracelet for Mom

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and we celebrate it with the entire family. Every one of use prepared gifts or presents for her special day. We always aim to make our mom happy on her special day and we don’t care if we spend too much or not as long as she is smiling and happy. I must say that mom loves every gifts she received but I should say that she loves mine over my sibling’s gifts as I gave her a copper magnetic bracelet which is what she really want to have since before. I can see that she is happy with it and that makes me happy too so I thank God for providing!

Happy Birthday Mom Myrna.

My First Selfie Post

I felt bored today so I decided to have a selfie on my own. Seeing that you look great in every pictures that you take makes us happy. It’s always good to look good because to look good will give you enough confidence to face and talk to the world on your own way.

I love to do selfie especially when I’m bored. Take and post your selfie now! :D


Enjoy and have a great day.